Buying Condominiums in Neukölln: A Popular Quarter Marked by Diversity

Neukölln is a hip borough of opposites – densified into an inner-city district at its northern end and loosely settled in the suburban southern part. The north end, between rapid transit circle line and Hermannplatz, is dominated by Belle Époque period buildings whereas parts beyond the circle line are characterised by detached family homes. In between, you will find splendid little gems, such as the historic town centre of Rixdorf with its rustic cottages, that seem like relics from a different day and age.

The streetscape in northern Neukölln is colourful and diversified, defined by people of all backgrounds, from young middle-class residents to large family clans. At the moment, the borough has a total population of more than 325,000 whose age average is 41.3 years. The transport connectivity of Neukölln could hardly be better. Public mass transit options in the borough include the rapid transit circle line and the underground lines U7 (east-west) and U8 (north-south) that will swiftly take you across town. It takes mere minutes to commute to nearby Kreuzberg, and barely longer to Alexanderplatz.


Buying Condominiums in Neukölln

Various renowned educational facilities, such as Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, ensure that your children are well-schooled even in a bohemian place like Neukölln. Among the local sports facilities is the historic indoor pool at Stadtbad Neukölln. The vintage setting makes it even more fun to do your laps or sweat in one of several saunas.

A number of sports clubs, like the time-honoured Turn- und Sportverein Neukölln 1865, welcome members to take advantage of their varied athletic programs, whereas outdoor enthusiasts love to go running or cycling at Hasenheide Park or on the former airport grounds of Tempelhof. With its many laws and forest areas, the park also lends itself to tanning and picnics or any other kind of pastime that urbanites fancy in the summertime. A great place for taking it easy on a glorious summer day is Körnerpark, although it has long ceased to be an insider tip.

Being at Home in Neukölln Means to Revel in Diversity

Neukölln is famous for its rich cultural scene. Fixed dates in the calendar include annual events like Neuköllner Maientage or 48 Stunden Neukölln, and whatever the occasion may be—a gallery opening or street party—there is always music in the air. Unique watering holes like Klunkerkranich, a bar embedded in a community roof garden on top of a multi-storey car park, offer a wide spectrum of nightlife options – something for everyone. There are a number of cinemas in the borough, including a modern multi-screen complex inside the Neukölln Arcaden shopping centre and the vintage cinema Passage, one of the oldest in the country.

Indeed, many consider Neukölln one of the most fascinating boroughs in Berlin. Its cultural variety, which manifests itself on every street, and the way it all blends harmoniously, will make you feel at home here in no time at all, and chances are that you will want to stay. Predictably, demand for condominiums has surged, be it for vacant units ready for owner-occupancy or occupied ones as buy-to-let investments to bolster your personal retirement plan. If you are looking to buy property in Neukölln, you should definitely consider the flats available on Reuterstrasse with their diverse floor plans and sizes.


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