Berlin – Colourful and Cosmopolitan

Berlin attracts people from all over the World. This is unsurprising insofar as the city has much to offer in any number of ways. Its art and cultural scene is internationally renowned. There are about 150 theatres and playhouses, offering around 1,500 events every day. The rich cultural scene is set, for one thing, by the many festivals the city hosts, from the Berlin Film Festival for movie buffs, to literature festivals for book worms of all genres, and all the way to annual theatre days for the stage-struck. Large concert halls and auditoriums as well as two open-air theatres – Wuhlheide in East Berlin, and Waldbühne in West Berlin – delight music aficionados. If you prefer exclusive small-scale events in intimate circles, you will also find a rich variety to choose from.

Each of Berlin's twelve boroughs has its very own character. While the downtown district of Mitte is home to museums like Alte Nationalgalerie and Pergamonmuseum that show classic art, multi-culturally inclined districts such as Kreuzberg and Neukölln with their young bohemian population are dotted with small galleries and showrooms. All of it combines to form a creative scene where innovative enterprises thrive – Neukölln having lately become something of a lab for future trends.

In addition to the fine arts, Berlin is home to a large research and science community. Its two major universities, which have been cited by the Excellence Initiative of the Federal Government, are supplemented by several other private and public higher education institutions and academies that define the intellectual life of the city. All things considered, there are 56 higher education institutions, four universities and 180,000 students in town. Cutting edge research and superior academic training play a key role for the many start-up businesses that have done such a great job stimulating the city's economy.

Given all of these parameters, is comes as no surprise that Berlin's economy is booming. The unemployment rate has steadily declined in recent years, while the number of insurable jobs has gone up – not least because of the many young entrepreneurs that have chosen the city to set up their businesses. In 2015 alone, nearly 40,000 new companies were formed. As it is well networked, the start-up scene's gravitational pull will self-sustain itself. In short, the outlook for Berlin's economy is quite bright.

Not least, the city's many parks and green spaces as well as the ample supply of sports facilities greatly enhance the quality of living. Green spaces account for 30.6 percent of the city area, which is dotted with 2,500 public parks and recreational facilities, along with 180 kilometres of navigable waterways. All of these highlights – in the areas culture, business and lifestyle, among others – contribute to the appeal of the city and explain its growth. More and more people from inside and outside Germany are charmed by Germany's first city, and the population total has been going up for years. It is expected to cross the mark of four million by 2035. The new arrivals bring fresh ideas, different cultures, and ambitious business plans to the city. To be sure, Berlin is facing a colorful and exciting future.


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