Buying a Period Flat in Neukölln: Charming Flats in Reuterkiez Neighbourhood

This is a borough of contrasts, very urban in the north, almost provincial in the south. While period buildings from the late nineteenth century dominate the area between circle line and Landwehrkanal, the section close to the city limits is dominated by single-family homes and plenty of greenery. The population of Neukölln could hardly be more varied, but is generally young and international. The age average in northern Neukölln is just over 37 years, making the sub-district one of the youngest in the city. In the heart of the sub-district lies Reuterstrasse, just a few steps away from the scenic canal bank of Maybachufer and within easy reach of busy Hermannplatz.

Buying a Period Flat in Neukölln: Bright and Generously proportioned!

Just a few steps away from Maybachufer, on Reuterstrasse, lies this charming multi-unit dwelling raised in 1901. Lined by old-growth trees, this street positively flaunts the flair that typifies Berlin because it consists mainly of refurbished Belle Époque buildings. Buying a condominium at Reuterstrasse 37 is a great way to make your dream of calling a classic period building in Berlin your home come true.

The flats inside this centrally located property range from 1 to 3 bedrooms and from around 28 to 101 square metres of residential floor area. Among their most amazing features are the tall ceilings that are so typical of period buildings and that lend a spacious and bright character to the interiors.

Board floors that were either preserved or newly laid complement the special charm of the period flats. All of the flats in the front building have west-facing balconies that are ideal for taking the evening sun at the end of the day. The bathrooms of most flats are equipped with tubs, while a few flats come with shower rooms. Some of the units have small storage rooms for extra convenience.

Buying into a Period Building in Neukölln – Classy and Coveted

The building, which combines commercial and residential units, divides into a front, side and back building, grouped around a landscaped inner courtyard that is split in two by the back building. In 2019, the building was given a fresh and engaging colour scheme while stairwells and inner courtyards were tastefully renovated and landscaped, respectively. The entranceway still features period features typical of these historic buildings, including wooden handrails and coffered wooden doors that were overhauled on the basis of the original designs but finished with a fresh coat of paint.

The generously proportioned period flats, combined with the optimal location and modern specification, are ideal for singles, couples and even families who would like to live in one of the most charming neighbourhoods of downtown Berlin.

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