Period Flats in Reuterkiez Neighbourhood

The population of Neukölln could hardly be more varied, but is generally young and international. The age average in northern Neukölln is just over 37 years, making the sub-district one of the youngest in the city. In the heart of the sub-district lies Reuterstrasse, just a few steps away from the scenic canal bank of Maybachufer and within easy reach of busy Hermannplatz.

Neukölln is subject to constant change, and has been particularly quick to rise in the esteem of new arrivals. The growing demand for housing has also had an impact on the performance of residential rents and prices. A number of formerly desolate quarters have turned into trendy neighbourhoods – one of them being the Schillerkiez quarter near the former airport grounds in Tempelhof or the Reuterkiez neighbourhood in the north end of Neukölln. The development ban imposed on the former airport grounds has made these neighbourhoods both attractive and exclusive. Prices and rents have gone up accordingly. A few years back, the northern tip of Neukölln on the south bank of Landwehrkanal—with Kreuzberg and its vibrant scene on the opposite bank—experienced a similar boom because of its special ambience, which makes not just Neukölln but Berlin as a whole so attractive. Naturally, not all parts of northern Neukölln show the same brisk pace of development. But the citywide housing shortage and price hikes do impact the markets along the borough’s three main arteries—Hermannstrasse, Karl-Marx-Strasse and Sonnenallee—and in its far eastern corner along the Schifffahrtskanal with its large industrial areas.

Buying a Period Flat: Condominium as Buy-to-Let Investment in Neukölln

The flats inside multi-unit dwelling, located within walking distance of the “Hermannplatz” underground station, range from 1 to 3 bedrooms and from around 28 to 101 square metres of residential floor area.

Among their most amazing features are the tall ceilings that are so typical of period buildings and that lend a spacious and bright character to the interiors. Board floors that were either preserved or newly laid complement the special charm of the period flats. All of the flats in the front building have west-facing balconies that are ideal for taking the evening sun at the end of the day. The bathrooms of most flats are equipped with tubs, while a few come with shower rooms. Some of the units have small storage rooms for extra convenience.


Classy Period Flats! Condominiums as Buy-to-Let Investment in Neukölln

The building, which combines commercial and residential units, divides into a front, side and back building, grouped around a landscaped inner courtyard that is split in two by the back building. In 2019, the building was given a fresh and engaging colour scheme while stairwells and inner courtyards were tastefully renovated and landscaped, respectively.

Acquiring a condominium as private investment in this growing borough is therefore a forward-looking commitment that will deliver stable value. There is great upside potential for rents and prices because demand for housing continues to grow. So, acquiring a condominium in Neukölln as buy-to-let investment is an excellent way to bolster your retirement planning and to ensure steady capital growth.


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